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The E-Saint web site was established in 2000 with an aim to unite the spirit of St Kilda supporters across Australia and the world. This was particularly relevant as the club went through some tough times on and off the field. In addition to the web site, The E-Sainter produced a weekly newsletter that contained match reports, stories about the Saints and contributions from Cheyenne Autumn and Kosi Fan Tutti (two devoted Sainter friends). The editorial policy was to always remain positive even during long losing periods.
Six years on and the Saints are marching towards the holy grail – a brilliant young team who play with passion and for each other, a Zen master coach, membership is over 30,000 and financial stability. There is also a very good club website full of informative and entertaining content, the club produces its own weekly newsletter for members and there is a good forum called Saintsational where supporters can share their banter.
With so much positive change, The E-Sainter was inspired to produce a new E-Saint web site at the beginning of 2005. The essence of the new site is to project pride in St Kilda’s long history. St Kilda has survived despite financial difficulties throughout its history that impeded its ability to win games. While Essendon and Collingwood supporters believe it is their right to win, Sainter supporters believe it is their right to have a club – Sainters support unconditionally. Three years on and E-Saint has undergone another change. This time we are completely focussed on digital stories.
Built using Dreamweaver, the site has a new look and feel. There are new sections that contain short films about supporters, graphical logos and stories about legends like Eric Guy. There is also a new mail list database that enables subscribers to add or remove themselves without manual work by The E-Sainter. Most of the polls and questionnaires from the old site have been removed due to relentless spam. However, the popular supporter profile remains. The overall philosophy is less is more.